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Teams need inspired leadership and culture needs to be infused with higher purpose to unlock the potential within. Sean McFarland has worked with industry titans such as American entrepreneur and recognized global thought leader in the relational and collaborative sciences Keith Ferrazzi and New York Times bestselling author and cofounder of Singularity University Peter Diamandis, MD in helping them and their organizations to grow and thrive. 


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Sean McFarland


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Why Business Coaching?

People spend more than 33% of their time at work. There's absolutely no reason why that third of our lifestyle bandwidth shouldn't bring us joy, fulfillment and purpose. But a whole host of factors can come in between us and the quality of our professional endeavors.


Executive coaching can have a profound impact on both you, the culture and the morale of the organizational environment. Revenues and compensation are directly tied to how much you commit to your own personal growth. 

Business Team
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Culture Is Key

Organizational culture is paramount to both individual and group success. Everyone has to (1) show up; (2) be accountable; and (3) have each other's back. 

Showing up means working out the kinks in your own intention and goal-setting toolkit. Contribution means not being a thief of time and opportunity and channeling passion into results. Having each other's back entails being the change you want to see and setting a good example. 


Drive Revenue

The bottom-line is the bottom-line. Coaching can help you make more effective decisions because you're committing to transformational work that ensures what you decide is based on a mind-body-spirit integration and not just reactivity. 

Adapt to Change

We've all seen how agility, resilience and creativity has differentiated businesses weathering the challenges of the pandemic. Just like individuals, businesses need to balance forward-thinking with here-and-now action. We'll help you imbue your business with robust and flexible intention setting which inspires your organization to both get behind and influence the roadmap.

Be An Honorable Leader

C-suite personnel, director and managers all have significant responsibilities, assigned personnel and workloads. Day-to-day deliverables sometimes means the inspirational leadership 'x' factor can get lost in the mix. There is another way.

Develop Inspired Strategy

Building intuitive professional muscles that invigorate your organizational strategies with both intellect and innovation is essential in all industries. Shell helps you with the inner work that transforms your business decisions into authentic expressions of your long-term goals and not just short-term stabs in the dark.

1:1 Executive Coaching

Our 1:1 Executive Coaching sessions are aimed at people at any stage in their career. CEOs and founders come to us looking for ongoing consultation on executive and organizational strategy and decision-making, as well as for individual therapeutic transformation designed to help them overcome their limiting beliefs. Directors and middle-managers come seeking help in advocating for themselves, managing up, down and across. People feeling lost in their careers seek us out for consultation on their professional direction in life.


Sean McFarland has helped hundreds of individuals tap into their passion and purpose to help them discover their leadership and career potential.

Sean McFarland's Office
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In-House Coaching

Companies like advertising technology giant Channel Factory have chosen Sean Mc Farland to be their go-to in-house coach, available as a resource to all their employees for both individual mental health help and resourcing, as well as to provide employees with a safe place to work through anything which is holding them back from peak performance and personal fulfillment. 


Workshops & Retreats

Annual or bi-annual corporate retreats or more focused workshops are a fantastic way to introduce employees to new concepts, new company changes, or to bolster morale. 

Shell carries over transferable concepts from the world of addiction recovery to help people feel more empowered to ask for help, to own their decisions and to insist on always showing up with their best self. These retreats leave people feeling inspired, alive and ready to have their team's back with elevated empathy and professional drive.

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What Our Clients Say

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Peter Diamandis
Peter Diamandis, MD; Author, Abundance, BOLD, The Future is Faster Than You Think, and LIFE FORCE.

“Seano McFarland is an extraordinary executive and performance coach, supporting me for the past decade across all aspects of my life. 


He delivers wisdom, insights and coaching with tough love, consistency and a higher power.  He is extraordinarily pro-active in reaching out and making himself available at a level I’ve never experienced before.  I feel blessed to have Seano in my corner.”

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