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At Shell, we coach individuals, couples and families through a wide range of challenges: out-patient process and substance addiction mentoring, trauma-work, relationship issues, personality and belief system shifts. Sean McFarland works with individuals, couples and families to help them through whatever they're facing.

Narrative Shifts

Oftentimes it's the way we see the world that's holding us back from reaching our true potential. Dismantling and rebuilding the stories we tell ourselves which influence how we operate in the world is one of our specialties at Shell.

Couples Therapy

Relationships take work. Every rupture needs repair and it takes two to tango. Whether you're codependent, avoidant, anxious or feeling alone together, we help couples get on the same page, feel listened to and facilitate open-hearted communication to restore the vitality of their partnership. 

Career Counseling

Professional life comes with its own unique challenges. Relationships with colleagues, bosses and authority, work/life balance, boundaries and salary negotiations all demand an array of interpersonal skills and strengths. Whether you're looking for help navigating your work life, are looking to take your career to the next level or are searching your soul for something more aligned with who you are, we can help. 

Lifestyle Consulting

It's easy to get into a rut. No routine or the same routine, the same lunch, the same route to work, or too many safe choices. Shell's life-coaching can help you rearchitect your lifestyle to open up your channels and give you access to the full 360º of human functioning: environmental, sensual, social, emotional, nutritional, intellectual, spiritual and physical. 

Family Therapy

Families are social systems. They're delicate and sensitive and they respond to all sorts of outside forces that we can't always see. Kids are affected by everything that happens between their parents, and we're here to help you navigate whatever is coming up for you, whether it's a communication breakdown, kids experiencing addiction issues, not going to school, or struggling with focus and attitude.

Life Transitions & Grief

Mourning the loss of a loved one, inviting new life into your family or preparing to conceive come with their own unique set of challenges, opportunities and strains. There's no right or wrong way to move through these life transitions, but having someone to support you and talk you through it is essential, and Shell is eager to help. 

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