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Action-Oriented Listeners & Triple Blackbelts in Showing up

We cannot stress the importance of finding a group of people who you feel comfortable sharing absolutely everything with: your fears, secrets, joys, successes and defeats. Our team is a tribe, and a tribe is a community that has each other's backs. People first come to Shell with a phone full of numbers they wouldn't or couldn't call in an emergency and leave with a tribe they consider their family, their confidantes, their angels and their friends.

Through Seano and assisted by Benjamin, our clients enjoy unprecedented access to what we call "the house of miracles". Our coaching doesn't look like cold, clinical and endless talk about the past. We're in the showing up business. We focus on action. We change the sad story. We turn survivors and victims into helpers and heroes.


Therapy | Creativity | Vision

Our CEO & Founder, Sean McFarland (he/him), is a certified addiction therapist and interventionist specializing in chemical dependency, sexual addiction, love addiction, and trauma as well as a business coach and motivational speaker. His credentials include: C.A.S. (Certified Addictions Specialist), C.A.D.C. (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor), and C.S.A.T. (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist). 

With over 20 years in private practice, Sean has made notable impacts within his frame of work. His approach to treatment is a total lifestyle shift. His catalog includes national level lectures, appearances on Oprah, Dateline, and a host of TV networks. Sean has also played an instrumental role in serving as an expert witness for court cases, as well as consulting for organizations such as the NFL & NBA.  



On a global scale, Sean has traveled with the Pilot Light Foundation as their primary therapist, providing treatment to genocide survivors in Rwanda, and the child soldiers of Northern Uganda.  In 2014 Sean was awarded the Bob Timmons Outstanding Service award by the Promises Foundation and, in conjunction with the event, was able to raise over $300,000 for Miriam’s House, a transitional housing facility and sober living for low-income women and children. He also produced the award-winning documentary Addicted to Sex.

Partnering with Tony and Sage Robbins for Tony's 60th birthday party fundraiser at the Los Angeles Microsoft Theatre, Sean McFarland was an integral part in raising $18 million to help the organization Operation Underground Railroad rescue over 15,000 children from sex trafficking and exploitation. Sean’s life work has been dedicated to treating addiction and trauma survival while maintaining a positive perspective. He has drawn from his own inspirational personal experience overcoming massive adversity to achieve sobriety which gifted him with incredible opportunities and has taken him to previously unimaginable places.  

Via Shell Avenue, Sean has led countless individuals through their toughest life challenges. Sean’s unwavering commitment towards helping others is proudly shown throughout the countless people he's guided and the extensive community that revolves around Shell Ave, Venice.  


Energy | Humor | Insight

Benjamin is one of the life coaches at Shell Avenue, as well as the Chief of Operations of Shell Avenue's sober living. Benjamin (they/them) is a proud member of the AA and SLAA community, an alumnus of the Trevor Project (a suicide lifeline for LGBTQ+ youth) with degrees in theology and international human rights law and extensive cross-industry experiences. Ben is a walking testimonial to the transformative power of Shell and Sean who served as inspiration for his choice to pursue a career in life coaching and helped imbue his life with meaning, purpose and power.

Benjamin lives on-campus 24/7, running coaching sessions, writing workshops, facilitating meetings and guided meditations. One of the critical components of the Shell program lies in bringing sobriety into everyday life, blowing things out in real time and applying spiritual principles to understand the deeper forces at play. Benjamin is an attuned and responsive listener, articulate thinker and writer who is always able to see through to the heart of the matter and help our residents tap into the Shell magic which makes their journey both enjoyable, transformative and full of laughter.