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Action-Oriented Narrative Shifters &
Triple-Blackbelts in Showing Up

We cannot stress the importance of finding a group of people who you feel comfortable sharing absolutely everything with: your fears, secrets, joys, successes and defeats. Our team is a tribe, and a tribe is a community that has each other's backs. People first come to Shell with a phone full of numbers they wouldn't or couldn't call in an emergency and leave with a tribe they consider their family, their confidantes, their angels and their friends.

Our clients enjoy unprecedented access to what we call "the house of miracles". Our coaching doesn't look like cold, clinical and endless talk about the past. We're in the showing up business. We focus on action. We change the sad story. We turn survivors and victims into helpers and heroes.

Sean "Seano" McFarland

Our CEO & Founder, Sean McFarland (he/him), is a certified addiction therapist and interventionist specializing in chemical dependency, sexual addiction, love addiction, and trauma. He's also a life coach, business coach and motivational speaker. His credentials include: C.A.S. (Certified Addictions Specialist), C.A.D.C. (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor), and C.S.A.T. (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist). With over 20 years in private practice, Sean has made notable impacts within his frame of work. His approach to treatment is simple: a total lifestyle shift. His catalogue includes national level lectures, appearances on Oprah, Dateline, and a host of TV networks. Sean has also played an instrumental role in serving as an expert witness for court cases, as well as consulting for organizations such as the NFL & NBA.  


Seano has a unique ability to listen responsively and create a safe, empowering and relatable space.  He’s a fellow addict in recovery, a coach, a mentor and a friend. He uses his personal experience to genuinely connect with the client. This self-disclosure helps build trust as well as create a zero shame, zero judgment environment which cracks people open and enables them to share what’s really going on in ways they have never done with anyone else in their life.


He’s focused on intention and goal setting, narrative shifts and routine/new habit development in between sessions, which are supported by the immersive program offered by Shell.


And when you’re on the path to recovery, he’ll likely play a role in helping you form helpful connections in your professional and personal life. His ability to straddle these dual relationships uniquely positions him to effect real and lasting change.

Sean has traveled with the Pilot Light Foundation as their primary therapist, providing treatment to Rwandan genocide survivors and child soldiers in Northern Uganda.  Sean was awarded the Bob Timmons Outstanding Service award by the Promises Foundation and, in conjunction with the event, was able to raise over $300,000 for Miriam’s House, a transitional housing facility and sober living for low-income women and children. He also produced the award-winning documentary Addicted to Sex.

Partnering with Tony and Sage Robbins for Tony's 60th birthday party fundraiser at the Los Angeles Microsoft Theatre, Sean McFarland helped raise $18 million for Operation Underground Railroad rescue over 15,000 children from sex trafficking and exploitation. Sean has dedicated his life to helping people overcome adversity.  


Fitness, Nutrition & On-Campus Motivation

Shell has someone on-campus 24/7 to answer questions, address needs and help make the clients' stays here as comfortable as possible. 


Shell also works with trainers and nutritional coaches across Los Angeles and there's always someone on-campus to get the clients up in the morning, guide their workout according to a personalized training plan and help them get their diet/nutrition back on track.

Gym Equipment

The Shell Tribe

There's something to be said for having 20+ years in practice and 36 years of sobriety: Seano has built a tremendous community up around Shell. That means that if a German client comes to us, we can find them a German sponsor (this actually happened!). We're experts at matchmaking and we take very seriously the power of service and fellowship, as does our community. Clients get plugged in immediately with people who we're sure they'll click with, who'll challenge them and with whom they'll forge lifelong relationships. On a weekly basis, whether through our meetings, beach outings, gym visits or our own matchmaking "Shell" magic, clients will have a rich and rewarding social life.

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