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Are You Ready To Go Higher?

Shell is a spiritual growth incubator based in Venice Beach, California helping people from all walks of life - addicts, ex-cons, trauma survivors, individuals, couples, families, executives and companies - shift their narrative and recover their primary purpose.

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Mike Tyson & Seano, his long term coach therapist on the Hotboxin' podcast

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Sean McFarland 

Therapy | Creativity | Vision

35 years sober in 2022, Sean McFarland is CEO and Founder of Shell Avenue, Venice Beach (a.k.a. the house of miracles). Since 2001, Sean and Shell have helped thousands of people tap into a higher vibration.


Substance and process addiction recovery, individual/couples/family life coaching, as well as executive and corporate culture training are all areas where Sean and Shell shine their unique light to help people aim higher in life. 

Sean McFarland
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No Shame in Our Game

We've got a shame epidemic on our hands. It terrifying to say what we really feel, and those blocks come in between us and our highest self. It’s important to have a safe place to be unsafe.

At Shell we look up, not down. We pride ourselves, in our individual coaching sessions or in our residential transformation program, on providing attuned listening in an empathetic, non-judgmental and safe space in order to get at the heart of what's stopping you from living out loud.

It's All About Tribe

You have the highest chance of finding community if you surround yourself with like-minded people. 


One of the things we do best at Shell is spiritual matchmaking.  Whether you're the Academy Award winning actor or the local handyman, we'll help you find your tribe. We make connections, we introduce people to each other who we know are going to click. Friendships and a few marriages have been born here too. 

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Purpose Is Everything

It doesn’t need to take addiction, mental health or medical problems to renew your interest in making the most of what you have.


Here at Shell we believe that your past does not equal your future. We believe that you are your priority. You are your biggest commitment.


So many people during the pandemic tuned in to their desire to pursue their life’s purpose and make big changes. We can help you discover your calling, connect with and pursue it with vigor and passion. If you haven't ever leapt out of bed in the morning with excitement, it's just a matter of time.

Heroes Ask For Help

Saying "I don't know, can you help me?" is the bravest thing anyone can do. At Shell, whether you've reached rock bottom in your addiction, your relationship or your family is struggling, your professional life needs a kickstart, it all starts with the courage and humility of recognizing there are demons that need to be faced.

We'll help you face them.

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Sean McFarland with his son in Malibu

Ending Generational Trauma

That kid in the picture...that's my son. Being human means acknowledging our pasts and doing what we can to track the impact it has on the people around us. Whether you're a father, mother, brother, sister or friend, your darkness doesn't have to become theirs. 

I say, shame on them for treating me that way, shame on me for staying that way. My son has never had to visit me in prison. He has never seen me high. Instead, we've traveled across the world together and, under his own steam, he's invested or operational in four businesses and bought a car with his own money. He's only 18.


At Shell, we'll help you navigate the weight of your personal trauma and find creative ways to minimize the shadow that it casts.

Emotional Sobriety is for Everyone

You don't need to be an addict or an alcoholic to get emotionally sober. That's for everyone. The biggest addiction almost everyone suffers from is the dependence on others to tell them that they're OK. Most of us are validation junkies. We rely on people or circumstances to supply us with prestige, security, and self-love.

Our work lies in helping people make decisions based on love, not fear. The only race we're interested in running is this: the first one to love wins. 

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You're Already Perfect 

At Shell we believe that everyone is naturally inclined towards growth. Nobody is past the point of no return. Usually we aren't harder on anyone more than ourselves. We give ourselves conditions of worth - I “should” be this and that before I am worthy.

At Shell we help people get back on the path to self-love where they rediscover who they are, why they're here, and accept themselves as perfect as they are.

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